They Are We

They Are We

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Director: Emma Christopher
Country: Cuba, 2014, 77 mins
Synopsis: Can a family separated by the transatlantic slave trade sing and dance its way back together? In Perico, Cuba, is an Afro-Cuban group that have kept alive songs and dances brought aboard a slave ship by their ancestor, known only as Josefa. They preserved them proudly despite slavery, poverty and repression. Through years of searching, filmmaker Emma Christopher tried to find their origins. Then, in a remote village in Sierra Leone, people watched a recording of the Cubans’ songs and dances, joyously declared ‘They are We!’ and joined in with the songs. They had never forgotten their lost family, and now their descendants were coming home. ‘Sankofa’ – go back and fetch, is explored as a theme here (as well as community, history and family) as an Afro-Cuban group who keep their dance and songs alive realise that their traditions have African origins.


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15th May 2015