Melvin: Chronicles of a Player

Melvin: Chronicles of a Player

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Director: Lawrence Coke
Country: UK, 2012, 100 mins

Synopsis: “Think of all the worst traits that men have regarding sex and relationships. Take these thoughts and give them a body, no brain and a penis. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Melvin Cartright.”  Quote from Kareena Philips, founder member of the W.A.M. (Women Against Melvin).

‘Melvin: Chronicles of a Player’, is a spoof documentary which shines a light on the exploits of Melvin Cartright, a self confessed ladies man and all round cad. The film primarily centres on the relationships that Melvin shares with the various characters that inhabit his world, especially his relationship with his long-suffering twin brother Martin. The audience is taken on a journey as the film, which initially starts out as an insight into the mind of a so-called player, becomes a document of Melvin’s growing lack of popularity due to his constant womanising. Will Melvin learn the error of his ways and win the woman of his dreams, or will his various conquests in the form of the W.A.M. make him pay the ultimate price?


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24th May 2015