Kingston Paradise

Kingston Paradise

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London, UK Premier

Director: Mary Wells
Country: Jamaica, 2013, 83 mins
Synopsis: Rocksy, a small-time hustler, journeys into chaos to steal a car while his lady friend Rosie hangs a watercolour painting in their modest room and dreams of peace. The fight to survive their broken dreams and aspirations forces them to commit a crime that changes their lives forever. Shot on the streets of Kingston where poverty, beauty and desperation collide, this Jamaican story transcends its Island locale to become a universal story of people whose poverty seems to trap them in a life where reckless acts appear the only road to an elusive better life. The ‘Kingston Paradise’ movie is an off beat, urban thriller. In a playful, quirky film, Director/Writer, Mary Wells, brings a very different view of life in the capital city, Kingston and in a rich layered story, it’s a powerful journey about the chaotic violent lives of disenfranchised youth that explores their broken dreams and aspirations.


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24th May 2015