I Am Who?

I Am Who?

(Click here to buy tickets for I am Who? in the UK Shorts programme Saturday, 4 July 2015 at 16:00)

Director: Mark One/Marcus Jones
Country: UK
Synopsis: I am who?’ is a poem written by the incredibly talented actor, MC and musician Jahnoi Cranston. The film integrated live action, CGI and motion graphics. Against the backdrop of inner city social problems, Jahnoi Cranston was looking to himself for answers when asking the question ‘I am who?’ Cranston’s insightful piece of poetry, in a sentence, has the theme ‘words for tomorrow’s adults, today’! This powerful poem is delivered in an engaging, dramatically challenging, sympathetic and caring way. Jahnoi Cranston is an emerging talent from London, UK, that we should all take note of.



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24th May 2015