Faroeste Caboclo (Brazilian Western)

Faroeste Caboclo (Brazilian Western)

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Director: Rene Sampaio
Country: Brazil, 2013, 108 mins

Synopsis: Faroeste Caboclo (Portuguese) is a crime/drama/romance. ‘Joao’ grew up poor in Bahia in small farm. He witnesses his parents die (separately) whilst he was still young. His father was shot, and ‘Joao’ takes revenge by killing his father’s killer. This action leads to a sequence of life choices as the chances one is offered in life plays a heavy theme. Set in the early 1980s, ‘Brazilian Western’ shows how this man, ‘Joao’ tries to escape his destiny as he travails drug dealers, conflict with the police in an ‘Django Unchained’ themed way.


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15th May 2015